Why It’s Important to Keep Your Dishwasher Clean

dishwasher careLike many appliances in our homes, we expect the dishwasher to do one job, and do it well: keep our dishes clean.  But we rarely stop to think about how to keep the dishwasher itself clean.  It’s simple: just like keeping the washer clean makes cleaner clothes, keeping the dishwasher clean is important to making sure your dishes sparkle.


Any Brand Appliance Repair is here to show you why it’s important to keep your dishwasher clean, and give you easy, inexpensive solutions to keep your machine in tip-top shape!

Wondering why it’s so important to keep your dishwasher clean?  Here are just a few reasons:


Dirty dishwashers can sometimes start to smell, and that smell can transfer to your dishes.


Buildup of things like food or detergent debris and sediments in water can clog your dishwasher. Clogs mean less water is getting into the machine to clean your dishes.  Plus, clogs can cause further problems with your dishwasher which might need major repairs.

Food Residue

Food residue can stick to the dishes you’re trying to get clean – yuck!  Not to mention you’ll end up having to hand-wash the dishes again, which is what you were trying to avoid by using the dishwasher in the first place.

Efficiency is Key

Dirty dishwashers are less efficient.  Low efficiency means you need to use more resources to get your dishes clean (soap, water, electricity, time), making the process less eco-friendly – and we’re all trying to be a little more ‘green’ these days.

If you’ve heard enough about why it’s important to keep your dishwasher clean, and you think it’s time to give yours some TLC, here are a few ways to prepare your dishwasher for a good cleaning:

Take a Peek

Make sure your dishwasher is empty, then have a look inside.  Check the door, walls, and racks, and don’t forget the utensil caddy!  Remove anything you see which may be stuck inside: food residue, debris from labels (if you wash and reuse jars or plasticware), or utensils or small items which may have fallen into the bottom area below your lower dish rack.

Find Problem Areas

Check out the spinning arms, detergent cups, and drain for debris, clogs, or stains.  Buildup can come from a number of sources: food, hard water, rust, and more.  None of that should go back onto your dishes!

Don’t Miss a Spot

Dirt and debris can also get stuck around the inside and outer edges of the dishwasher and the bottom of the door.  Tackle these spots with a sponge or cloth and some dish soap or mild non-toxic cleaner.

Now it’s time for the most important step: run a cycle using one of the cleaning agents listed below.  The best part is, you’ve probably got at least one of these in your kitchen already!  Any of the following ingredients can be safely used in your dishwasher.  Just add one, run a full cycle on the hottest setting (with the dishwasher empty, of course), and enjoy your sparkling results!

  • A dishwasher-safe cup full of white vinegar
  • A cup full of baking soda
  • One packet of powdered lemonade or Tang mix
  • Special dishwasher cleaning products (available in many grocery stores)

Each of these can be used on their own to clean your dishwasher and leave it smelling fresh and working at its best.

If you notice that your dishwasher also has a problem with mold or mildew, you could run another, separate cycle with a small amount of bleach to kill germs.  To avoid damage to your appliance, before this step make sure your dishwasher does not have a stainless steel interior.

Dishwashers are meant to save us time by doing the job of cleaning for us, but it’s important to remember that we have to help our dishwashers out by getting them clean once in a while, too!  Keep in mind: a cleaner dishwasher means cleaner dishes.  As long as you remember these tips and give your dishwasher a good inspection every so often, you can be sure that it will be working at its best for a long, long time. And if something goes wrong, you can always rely on us, your local providers of dishwasher repair in Fairfax, VA.