Washer Maintenance Tips: how to take care of your washing machine

washing machine drumImagine your washing machine breaking. Catastrophic, isn’t it? You’d have to schedule a repair, drive all the way to a laundromat and spend time and money washing your clothes – so inconvenient! At Any Brand Appliance Repair, we know from experience that taking good care of your washing machine might save you all this trouble. Follow these tips to prolong the life of your appliance.

Make sure it’s stable

Place your washing machine on a level surface or, if necessary, adjust the feet to make the washer level. Unbalanced machine will be subject to vibrations that can make connections come loose and cause other internal damage.

Don’t overload

Avoid stuffing your washing machine with clothes all the way. Measure loads as recommended in the manual and never press or pack clothes to fit more. A heavy load can throw the washer off balance and ruin the rhythm which will affect the quality of the wash.

Don’t put off repairs

If you notice a strange noise, parts coming loose or general decline in the washer’s performance, contact your local washer repair specialist in Fairfax, Va. Running a washing machine that has obvious problems may lead to even bigger damage and costly repairs.

Clean regularly

If you think cleaning won’t affect working condition of your washer, think again. Detergent build-up can easily lead to mold and mildew issues, while loose lint and debris can clog up the drain hose. Clean at least once a year or whenever you notice a musty smell or visible dirt. Wipe all reachable parts and surfaces and run a full cycle with a manufacturer-recommended cleaning agent or one of the home remedies, such as white vinegar, bleach or baking soda.

Also remember to clean up any messes as they happen. Don’t leave spilled detergent or fabric softener sit there for weeks. Some cleaning agents may contain chemicals that can cause corrosion. Prolonged exposure to such chemicals can damage the inner surface of your washer.

Use gently

This is especially true for knobs. Don’t apply excess pressure and don’t turn them in a wrong direction. Knobs and dials on a washing machine are very sensitive and it doesn’t take much to mess them up, so be gentle!

Washing machines don’t last forever, but with proper maintenance you can expect yours to serve you a long time. If you care for your machine well and it still breaks, call you washer repair pros and we’ll help you determine what happened. Your appliance could still be covered under warranty or subject to a product recall.