Is it Time to Retire Your Old Fridge?

The average life of a refrigerator is about 12 years. Having said that, you can still find plenty of perfectly functional units dating back to 60s and 70s. Considering how frequently they are used, it’s remarkable how long these things can last. Do you own one of those ancient models that just won’t die? Here are a few factors that might get you thinking about an upgrade:

  1. Energy efficiency. Most of the energy efficiency guidelines first went into effect in 2001. This means if your fridge was manufactured before 2001, it’s probably using way too much electricity thus raising your bills. Try this energy savings calculator to find out how much money you could save by upgrading your unit.
  2. Eco-friendliness. If you recycle and overall strive to have a “green” lifestyle, then switching to modern eco-friendly appliances might be a good idea. Older refrigerators not only consume a lot of energy, but might also emit large amounts of carbon dioxide.
  3. Capacity.  Sometimes we just outgrow our refrigerators, especially the freezer part. As your family (or your appetite) gets bigger, so should your fridge. If you are limiting how much food you buy based on the size of your fridge, you will just end up with more frequent trips to the store. And that’s not good for the environment either.
  4. Known issues. Having performed countless refrigerator repairs in Virginia, we know that sometimes it’s better to buy a new appliance. Some issues can only be fixed temporarily and will keep reoccurring causing you to spend more money on repairs.

Weigh in these factors before you decide whether to buy a new appliance or squeeze the remaining years of service out of the old one. Getting rid of an appliance that is perfectly functional or could be easily repaired is not always easy. However, here is what you can do to feel less guilty about it:

  1. Keep it. Put it in the garage unplugged and use for extra food storage needs. It will come in handy when you host a party, dinner, or family reunion at your place.
  2. Recycle it. Don’t just take it to the dump, but instead find a recycling facility that will properly dispose of your fridge. They’ll make sure the parts go to a good use and there’s no dangerous waste left behind.
  3. Don’t pass it on. Even though it works just fine, it’s not doing environment any good. You don’t want to have someone else stuck with your energy-hogging refrigerator for another 10 years.

At Any Brand Appliances, we’ll be happy to help you decide whether it’s time to retire your old fridge, or any other appliance for that matter. We can also recommend you newer Energy Star model that will fit your needs, budget, and will serve a long time. And remember, we repair them, so we know how and why they break, and which ones break more often!