Dryer Troubleshooting Steps Before You Call a Repairman

clothespinsIt’s never a good day when an appliance breaks, and a broken dryer is not an exception. Think about all the wet clothes you would have to haul to a laundromat or your friend’s house – not fun at all. But before you panic and schedule your dryer repair in Virginia, make absolutely sure the dryer is broken.

Every once in a while, Any Brand Appliance Repair specialists head out to repair an appliance that, as it later turns out, was in a perfect working condition. The problem was not the appliance, but rather a faulty outlet, electric fuse or some other things unrelated to the appliance itself. Although our specialists don’t mind coming out and helping, you might save some time and money if you check these things before scheduling a repair.

Dryer doesn’t turn on

-          Check if it’s plugged in and if the connection is tight enough

-          Check your home’s electrical box to see if the fuse and circuit breaker are in the right position

-          Plug something else in the outlet to ensure it has power

The clothes don’t dry or take too long to dry

-          How long has it been since you cleaned that lint filter?

-          Check the air duct: make sure it’s not dented, broken or clogged. The longer it is and the more turns it makes, the faster it accumulates lint and dust. Clean it out with a long, narrow brush and try running a dryer again.

-          How much clothes are you attempting to dry in one load? If it’s more than stated in the dryer’s manual, lessen the load and see what happens.

-          Check the trap door on the outside end of the air duct. Many ducts are designed to have a trap door blown open when the dryer is working, but if too much lint accumulates around, trap door might get too heavy to open.

Dryer is very noisy

-          Determine where the noise is coming from: from behind or the inside of the dryer?

-          Check your load: make sure there are no loose items, such as keys, coins or small electronics that could be making this noise.

If after completing all these steps you still have no idea what’s wrong and how to fix it, refer to the appliance manual and check the troubleshooting section. You might come across your exact problem. If that doesn’t help, it’s time to schedule a repair with your local appliance repair specialist in Alexandria, VA.  Don’t forget to mention to your repairman all the troubleshooting you’ve done – this will help him save some time and narrow down the source of the problem.