Dryer Maintenance Tips for Faster Drying

drying socksWe often take dry clothes for granted until that one day when we open a dryer after a full cycle only to find out that clothes are hot, but still damp. At Any Brand Appliance Repair we know that most of the times when clothes comes out damp the culprit is a clogged ventilation system. Here are a few dryer maintenance tips that will help you put off the dreaded “wet clothes day.”

Clean the lint filter every time after you run a drying cycle

This might sound as common sense, but still not everyone follows this rule. It’s easier to clean the filter after the cycle, because this way you don’t have to remember that little detail when you are doing laundry again next week. It ensures the next time you use the dryer it’s ready to go.

To further motivate yourself, put a memo above the dryer so that you and any other family member using the appliance never forget.

Keeping a trash can next to the dryer is also handy, because you have to empty the filter somewhere, right? And if every time you want to throw away lint you have to go to the kitchen or even worse – upstairs, it’s easy to fall behind.

For smooth lint removal, try using used dryer sheets. They are perfect if you don’t want to touch the lint and also prevent dust from flying everywhere.

Clean the air duct regularly

Depending on how often you use the dryer, you should be cleaning or at least inspecting ductwork once a year or once every few months. The longer the duct, the faster it can become clogged, because various turns and elbow joints are perfect spots for lint to accumulate in.

To thoroughly clean the ductwork, disassemble it and clean each part. You can use vacuum cleaner as well as special brushes you can find in home improvement stores. Don’t forget to clean the part that vents outside and make sure you’ve extracted the lint and not pushed it further in.

If you discover that your duct is made out of white plastic, ribbed metal or something other than smooth-wall metal, toss it out. It is not only a fire hazard, but also increases drying times.

And if a thorough clean doesn’t do the trick, contact your local handymen specializing in dryer repair in Virginia. There are many other things that can be wrong with a dryer that doesn’t dry properly and we have experience fixing them.