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Keep Your Appliances Safe during Spring Storm Season

Did you enjoy our recent spell of hot weather when temperatures soared into the 90s? Those warm, humid days were a reminder that the spring/summer thunderstorm season isn’t far away. As we’ve seen in recent years, those storms all too often cause power outages throughout many neighborhoods.   Whether you’re without electricity for a few […]

Keeping Your Cool: Refrigerator Maintenance Tips for Busy Season

Refrigerators get a real workout during the holidays. Think about how many times you and your family members open the refrigerator door in the course of a normal day. Now consider how much more often you’re likely to be opening it as you are baking holiday goods, preparing festive meals and entertaining family and friends. […]

Washer Maintenance Tips: how to take care of your washing machine

Imagine your washing machine breaking. Catastrophic, isn’t it? You’d have to schedule a repair, drive all the way to a laundromat and spend time and money washing your clothes – so inconvenient! At Any Brand Appliance Repair, we know from experience that taking good care of your washing machine might save you all this trouble. […]