6 Key Differences Between Front-load and Top-load Washing Machines

washing machineWhen it comes to washing machines, you need to do your homework before you buy one. It’s an expensive purchase and shouldn’t be done on a whim. There are two main contenders on the market: front loaders and top loaders. At Any Brand Appliance Repair we’ve serviced and repaired many of each kind and can tell you how they differ.


Convenience. Top loaders are more convenient because you don’t have to bend over to put clothes in the washer. Front loaders, on the other hand, provide additional “counter” space or could be easily stacked with a compatible dryer unit. It’s up to you what you consider the most convenient way to do your laundry.

Price. Price is an important factor. Front loaders are definitely on the high end of the price range and are less affordable than top loaders. However, keep in mind that you are making an investment when you buy a front loader, because you can expect great savings in water, gas and electricity usage.

Efficiency. Front loaders confidently beat top loaders in efficiency by using more than 2X less water and, therefore, less electricity. Front load washers are also know to spin a lot more water out of wet clothes thus making the drying cycle significantly shorter. There are, however, high-efficiency top loaders that price in the lower ranges of front loaders and are said to be just as efficient.

Performance. Front loaders are a lot gentler with clothes because of the improved technology that eliminated agitator. Your clothes will come out clean, fresh, undamaged and will last you longer. Top loaders with agitators are known to ruin clothes by wearing out fabric, causing strings and fuzziness. Front loaders also require less detergent; however, the detergent itself is more expensive for high efficiency washers.

Capacity. Front loader shares this win with high-efficiency top loaders. The regular old models of top-loading machines can fit a lot less clothes and washing such bulky items as blankets and covers can be problematic when the agitator is present.

Maintenance. As a Virginia appliance repair company, we know that front loaders may require more maintenance. Common issue with them is a musty smell due to leftover water and lint accumulating inside the machine and causing mold growth. To eliminate it, it’s recommended to keep the door open when the appliance is not in use and regularly clean the rubber seal.

Overall, top-load washers, just like CRT TVs, seem to be a dying technology. Front loaders beat them in many categories, but both machines are capable of delivering clean clothes, which is why we need them in the first place. Once you make your choice, let us know if you need help with your new washing machine installation: we’ll hook it up in no time!